Question: How does Sherm's provide such high-quality plating?
Answer: Each part is carefully stripped of existing paint, grease, rust and old plating before any work is started on the base metal. Once each part has been stripped, the base metal is then polished by hand to a mirror finish and then finally each part is triple plated in copper, nickel and chrome to restore it to a condition better than the original.
Question: How does Sherm's guarantee me a good quality job that will last?
Answer: Poorly restored components will often rust beneath the plating, causing them to fail prematurely. Sherm's Custom Plating processes exceed industry standards regarding the thickness of an electroplated deposit. This is in addition to the careful restoration that is performed to restore metal components before they are plated.
Question: If I remove the existing plating myself, will it help to reduce the cost to me?
Answer: No. In fact, it usually will cost you more in the long run. Sherm's removes the existing plating by an electro-chemical process that does not damage any of the base material. Grinding, sandblasting or polishing the component to remove existing plating, particularly by lesser-trained individuals, will inevitably damage the base material. This will create more work for us and will not reduce your costs. This is why we always advise our customers not to strip the products themselves.
Question: How can I be sure that Sherm's won’t lose any of my parts?
Answer: All parts are photographed upon arrival at Sherm's facilities. Sherm's prides themselves in avoiding the problem of lost parts that has long been the legacy of some of the larger, mass-production commercial plating companies.
Question: How much will it cost?
Answer: The condition of the items can vary considerably and the amount of work required to repolish them to an acceptable standard needs an expert eye. Only through a thorough inspection can a final price be determined. Be wary of fixed prices... you could be either paying too much, or not paying enough to restore your parts to the quality condition they deserve.
Question: How do I look after my chrome work?
Answer: Upon completion of your work, Sherm's issues their customers detailed care instructions. These provide detailed care instructions on how to clean and look after your re-chromed components to maintain the highest quality, that is Sherm's trademark.
Question: How can I get my parts to you?
Answer: The parts can either be delivered to our facilities, or shipped via UPS. For most smaller items we recommend UPS Ground Delivery and we will return them in the same way. Larger, heavier items should be shipped to us in a plywood box to assure no damage in return shipment.
Question: How and when do I pay you?
Answer: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Check, Money Order, or Cash. Upon receipt we will return your re-chromed parts to you.
Question: What guarantee have I got that I will be happy with the finished product?
Answer: Over the years, Sherm's has built an outstanding reputation for quality service and reliability and you can be assured that we will achieve the best possible finish on your parts.
Question: How long will it take?
Answer: Where possible we try to accommodate our customer’s individual time requirements, if certain parts are needed by a specific date we will certainly do our best to meet their deadline. Some items which require extensive repairs may take a little longer than originally quoted but we will always advise you of any such unavoidable delays. Please call in for our current lead times.
Question: Can you remove dents?
Answer: Yes. We also do repairs and welding on site.
Question: Do you require a deposit?
Answer: Yes. A 50 percent deposit is required before work will commence.
Question: Is there any additional cost added to the orders?
Answer: Yes. Every order has a 8 percent environmental surcharge added.

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